Take Advantage of Challenges: Constant Change Consulting provides Professional Change Management Skills for Your Company to Enable Progress.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are Europe’s largest employers and account for more than half of Europe’s added value. A competitive advantage of small and medium-sized enterprises: with mostly flat hierarchies and a high degree of flexibility, individual customer requirements can be better implemented at shorter delivery times.

In order to maintain this competitive advantage even under the influence of social megatrends such as to maintain increasing mobility and interconnectedness or the increasing importance of knowledge and working methods according to “New Work”, it may become necessary to find new ways of processes and organisation of the company.

Our SME Survey 2018 

What are the Most Important Challenges for Your Company at the Moment?

1 %
Skills shortage
1 %
High levels of costs
1 %
Finding new customers
1 %
Difficulties in compliance with new requirements
1 %
Competitive pressure
1 %
Limited access to finance

In order to keep the organization robust and lean, a healthy choice of optimization and structured assessment of changes are just as important as the observation of the company’s performance and easy accessibility of relevant knowledge for the company’s success. Furthermore, a good preparation regarding further development of the company ensures the ability of turning challenges into opportunities.

Several roles and tasks in small and medium-sized companies which are carried out by usually a few people, make their processes special.

Such a high concentration of operational functions results in efficiency, but also increases the risk of significant disruptions due to staff shortages.

Thus, for optimization a holistic view of the processes and their interfaces is necessary in order to create or maintain synergies.

Small and medium-sized corporate structure is strongly characterized by personal relationships and social interactions.

When structures or processes are changed, this is done on a more objective level but above all also on a personal level. These changes often represent an extreme situation for the company as well as for its employees.

With Change Management, not only the change is announced in the company, but also carefully planned in advance. After the communication of the change, its implementation will also be accompanied.

What the cockpit display represents for pilots and reports whether the aircraft is still on the desired course, shows the performance of a company whether measures to improve need to be taken or not.

A regular evaluation of company performance thus provides a situation analysis for the company.

A communication of key figures creates transparency, which can lead to increased understanding and commitment by employees.

At small and medium sized enterprises traditionally a large part of knowledge required for everyday work is often only informal (not documented in writing).

As a result, some employees spend significant time searching or transmitting this knowledge.

Opportunities to document, store and retrieve this knowledge increase quality of work and efficiency of the company.

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities - We Look Forward to Take This Path With You.