Consulting in the Area of
Process Optimization and
Company Organisation for
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
is Our Core Business

Customized Consulting Services
For The Success of Your
Small or Medium Sized Business:


  • Holistic concepts for operational change
  • Accompanying employees in communicating and implementing changes
  • “Lessons Learned” workshops

We prepare an individual workshop (with learning objective control if applicable) for your company. For example, these topics can be:

  • Contents of a key figure information system
  • Standardization of processes
  • Successful outsourcing
  • Importance of flexible working and digitalization in the working life of the future
  • Etc.
  • Selection and conception of a standard for documentation, storage and retrieval of expert knowledge in your company
  • Development of in-house training
  • Accompanying the implementation of knowledge management in the company

We prepare individual workshops or training courses for employees or executives to deal with changes in your company.

Accompaniment and regular reflection during the implementation of the change can prevent resistance.

Market Environment

  • Holistic analysis and, if necessary, adaption of processes and organization to your defined business goals
  • Selection of change management methods
  • Analysis of operational issues due to changes in the market environment
  • Conception of sustainable recommendations for action
  • Development of an individual key figure system for regular direction control
  • Holistic conception of structural changes
  • Implementation of adjustments in your process and organizational structure 
  • Neutral assessment of restructuring methods

Trust in our experience. We will accompany you in your outsourcing project regarding conception, implementation and evaluation of the case.


  • Analysis of operational issues regarding digitalization
  • Conception digitalization of processes
  • Implementation of your digitalization project
  • Analysis of processes, activities and systems in relation to your interconnecting potential
  • Creation of holistic concepts to increase interconnectedness in the company
  • Implementation projects

We are happy to assist you in the selection of business systems and tools such as:

  • ERP Systems
  • PLM Systems
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Etc.

We are happy to accompany you on projects regarding system introductions.


  • Process mapping on site
  • Professional modelling of processes
  • Execution of interface analyses
  • Analysis of processes regarding optimization potential
  • Conception of process optimization and target process
  • Implementation of optimization
  • Neutral auditing of your processes
  • Conception of recommendations for action regarding a predetermined standard (e.g. ISO-9001)
  • Implementation of audit measures
  • Process analysis regarding a specific standard or requirement
  • Developing a standard for your processes
  • Implementation of standardized processes

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Why Consulting in the Area of
Process Optimization is Valuable

Maintaining Profitability

Your employees and you are mainly concerned with day-to-day business or further development of your core competence. Therefore, there is no time to discuss the open issues regarding process management and company organization. However, every decision you make as an expert of your own core competence to further develop it, as well has a direct and indirect impact on the processes and organization of your company. If they are not edited at the same time, your operational performance creation can be negatively affected.

brings additional capacity to your company as an experienced force in this field and ensures that open topics are dealt with in good time in the desired quality. Therfore there is no bottleneck and profitability is maintained.

Ensuring Economic Development

You are moving into new territory with your company. This also requires new approaches in the area of process management and company organization. Necessary knowledge or experience in the company is still lacking for the display of these possibilities or for intensive training of your employees.

brings the relevant expertise and experience to your company as an expert in this field and ensures that this knowledge is transferred. Economic development can therefore continue.

Ensuring objectivity

“This has always been done this way” is a phrase we’ve all caught before. It is human to have a certain routine and to avoid change first. But if you leave everything as it is, you can’t expect things to improve.

brings the necessary objectivity to your company as an uninvolved, neutral person to ensure a factual basis for decision-making.

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